Welcome to Creaducate Enterprises
We are a small, flexible company passionate about harnessing the power of education and inspiration to enrich and improve people's lives. We are engaged in a broad array of activities, and we are always on the look-out for new initiatives and partners.
Consulting and training in scientific communication
Click here to access the full range of our consulting and training services in scientific and research communication. This website is available in English and Chinese.
Creative design and products
Later in 2016 we will launch our website describing our range of innovative products that give physical form to our company's mission of using creativity and education to enhance people's lives.
Financial and intellectual partnerships
We are always interested in speaking with potential partners who have innovative ideas for promoting creativity, learning, curiosity and skepticism in the world. We stand ready to provide financial, administrative and intellectual support to help good ideas take off.

One project we are co-financing is a regional competition in central Europe for middle and high school students to encourage creative use of the English language in drama, persuasive speaking, short films and spelling. The first of its kind in the region, this competition is catalyzing reform of public education and energizing students and teachers alike.
About our company and logo
The name "creaducate" comes from "create" and "education", reflecting our goal of providing creative products and services that enhances people's experience of the world around them. Our logo depicts how seemingly unconnected processes can, through creativity and education, converge towards a more interesting and meaningful world.